Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame.

Table runner from Pottery Barn Kids

plates from Hobby Lobby

Baseball is exciting stuff in our family. My oldest son, Will plays travel baseball and during spring and summer most of our time is spent at the ballpark. Will's birthday falls right in the middle of all this, so this year he wanted a cake to match his cap to share with his team during a tournament. They all also recieved treat bags with Big League Chew and sunflower seeds in them. I was also honored to be able to make the cake for the Pigeon Forge High School baseball banquet. The team had accomplished a lot this season by making it to state tournament and just falling shy 1 game of the championship. They deserved a cool cake to celebrate. The last cake was for Miller's 2nd birthday. I thought it would be cute for him to have his own cake as well, so I did a mini- baseball cap. Poor Miller caught a stomach bug and had to postpone his party. The cake had to go in the freezer. I felt so bad!

Planning a baseball party can be a lot of fun. For the younger crowd you could have the party at a city park or backyard and have a whiffle ball game. Set up a concession stand for the food table and serve all ballpark essentials. You could even go as far as having t-shirt(uniforms) printed up. Older kids might enjoy having a few friends and go to a minor league or college game. Some ballparks have birthday packages as well. You can alter these ideals to accommodate other sports too. Just take the elements from your favorite game and go for it!

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