Friday, August 21, 2009

Sound the Alarms!!!

This was my Ben's 5th birthday party. He was born in February, so it can be a challenge to figure out what to do for his party because anything outdoors is usually not a good option. First of all, I found the invitations at a dollar store in Asheville( and yes they were only a $1!!!!). Chief Tony at the Pigeon Forge Fire Dept. was nice enough to give us an awesome tour of the fire station. It was very interesting and even the parents enjoyed this! Fireman Fred even made an appearance. I saw the cupcake idea on Cake Central, and the designer, Jen Whitlock e-mailed me the templates to make the flames and water. I loved how they turned out. Then I attempted a fire engine cake as well. We played several games-Pin the Badge on the Fire Chief, Firetruck Relay(race the toy truck to the burning building, put out the fire, stop drop and roll, and save the kitty from my (fake silk lemon) tree), and the Pinata. The favors where free from the fire department(yay!). I purchased and made the thank you cards on One thing that I wish I had done was have FDPF t-shirts made for the kids, but I thought of it too late. Overall it ended up being a very budget friendly party and I got a good deal on the cakes too:)

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