Monday, February 22, 2010

Ben's 6th Birthday Basketball Bash

Ben celebrated his 6th birthday with a jammin basketball party. Most sports parties around here tend to go toward an orange theme and orange is a nice color. Daddy is a UNC fan, so after some consideration I thought that Carolina blue just might be a neat color scheme.

Here is my boy in his birthday jersey. The invitation made by the creative Renee at Baby Face Design.The big shorts, big shoe relay. I really mean big shoes. Size 21 to be exact.The pants seemed to always end up on the ground.Funny pictures to send in thank you notes.A little hoop action.The pinata. Tip: don't fill with breakable suckers. It will turn into candy dust after this crew.Birthday banner made with scrapbook paper.
Big brother found this ball in the store and insisted we get it for little man's party.
We decided to offer Ben's favorite concession stand food- pizza, nachos and cheese, and cotton candy.Fun drink labels.I ordered the cotton candy online in clear bags and made labels. The cake. I thought it might be neat to add some Carolina argyle.Ben handing out the party favor, a basketball.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Enjoy the Cuteness(while it last).

The boys finally got to go back to school today after some crazy snow days. This meant they got to celebrate Valentines a little late this year. I enjoy all the cuteness that goes along with making goodies and the celebrating of holidays. I know some might think I'm crazy, but I think it's one of the fun perks of being a mom.

Here is Ben. He actually enjoyed making his valentines this year. He helped me fill the bags. He lovingly signed his name and cut out the pictures of his friends to place on his bag of goodies to give to his buddies at school.Here is Will. He informed me to get some candy. He will give some to his friends, but there is no way he is going to put his name on them or put anything "cute" with it. Just deal with it mom! My parenting advice for today: Enjoy the cuteness while your babies are young, because all too soon it will come to a grinding halt!

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Girl Pioneer Party

I saw this party and just had to share. I have to say- "I love, love , love this party!" This one was done by One Charming Party- She has many wonderful party ideas and really good party planning tips as well.

Each girl got to pick a bonnet and apron at the beginning of the partyA place setting.

The table and cake.Making the bread dough.Small hands kneading dough.The mini loaves of bread, raising.Here is the butter after the girls had shaken the jar for a very long time.Making homemade strawberry freezer jam.They ate some of the jam that we made during the party.The small jars of jam for the girls to take home.
Some guests eating at the table.

Here is the game we played, The Clothes Pin Drop.

They went on a wagon ride.

Each girl took home a bag of old fashioned candy along with their mini bread loaf and their small jar of jam.

This theme could easily be adapted other childhood favorite books (Little House on the Prairie, Anne of Green Gables, etc.) Check out this link for more details and recipes featured in this party.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweet Kitchens

I love a nice kitchen, but these are just darling. I've seen very pricey versions in the Pottery Barn catalog and in the store. These are so darn cute and they are made from old, ugly TV cabinets. This is my favorite. You can read more about it at

Here is another version. Adorable as well.

You can read more about this darling creation at

Would you like to own your own cafe?

Now you can! This little cafe is a fabric playhouse that fits over a standard card table. Cool, huh? They can be found at She has several different versions for boys and girls. Not only are they cute, but they can store very easily. Now that's a good toy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

A colorful party

I've mentioned before how I love a party theme that doesn't come straight from the party supply store. Joslin really likes to color, so what better than a coloring birthday party.Party activity #1...coloring of coarse.Some colorful sand art.Story time, featuring The Crayon Box that Talked.The cake. (The crayons were made from fondant wrapped Little Debbie Swiss Rolls)I love this picture!
Enjoying some cake.

A crayon relay.

A colorful scavenger hunt. Cute party favors! Personalized crayon boxes for the older kids and coloring book and crayons for the younger siblings.

Thanks for sharing Julie!